We were in joyous mood and our suppoters jumped up and down for our victory, Swaziland vigil UK has hit the headlines back home, in thier bid to try and attack us, the Mswati Dictatorship regime have used their ''Mswati owned newspaper'' to try and discredit us. It was reported that Non swazis are paid to toyi toyi outside the Swazi Embassy in the UK. Unfortunately we could not see the article in the swazi times but one of our supportes back home send us this email
..... they are from other African states
LOBAMBA- A group of none Swazis is allegedly being paid to stage political demostrations outside the kingdom's London embassy.
The group is reportedly from other African states but pose as Swazi nationals and hold rallies outside the embassy every Saturday.
Lutfo Dlamini, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, told Parliamentarians that the demostrators had never even been to Swaziland but were speaking about issues that are said to affect Swazis.
According to the ministry's perfomance report for the 2009/2010 financial year, the demostrators are under the banner of a faction calling themselves the Action Southern Africa (ACTSA).
"These people have never been to the country which is why they speak about Mbabane having no water," the minister told the Ministry of Foreign Affiars and International Cooperation Parliament Portfolio Committe.
The Minister was responding to questions posed by Matsanjeni South MP Qedusizi Ndlovu who said he personally witnessed the demostrations when he visited London.
"I was even afraid to go close because I feared being manhandled by the nagry demostrators who were saying a lot of bad things about the country, like Mbabane has no water. The people there have never been to Swaziland, so what is government doing to counter this?" MP Ndlovu wondered.
Minister Lutfo replied: "These people demostrating in London are not even British or Swazi but are hired group from an African country who are paid to speak bad things about this country. We are working on the issue and have a plan in place."
He said ambassadors were expected to defend the country's image at all costs and that government had mounted a programme to promote the political, economic and tourism system of the kingdom.
"We already have funds to carry this programme. We want to promote our system of governance and Parliament has to be involved," he said.
Akusilo liciniso leli singemaswati mbamba  sitoyitoya ngoba asivumelani nahulumende longalaleli emalungelo ebatfu.
We would like to take this opportunity once again to remind this obnoxious regime that human rights are universal and here in the UK there is what people in Swaziland have never experienced called DEMOCRACY.
Everyone is allowed to join which ever group or society which is fighting for a good cause hence we have supporters from all nationalities.
We would also like to remind them that the question of nationalities has nothing to do with fighting for human rigths as the world has joined hands in the fight for human rights abuse. We will be outside the swazi embassy every saturday until there is democracy in Swaziland and respect for human rights.
We will not be stopped by anyone from Swaziland or Swazi emabssy as we have been granted permission by the British government.
We are saying things as they are in Swaziland and we are speaking for the Swazis who are oppressed by Mswati ! Thank you for the Publicity.