The recent purchase of  a E2.2Million BMW 7 series for Prince Omari is a typically blatant display of corruption and shameless flaunting of ill gotten wealth.
While the German company BMW might be very pleased with the custom of King Mswati lll, this is yet another royal splurge at the expense of the taxpayer.

A large proportion of people, taxpaying or not, live in abject poverty in Swaziland. From a population of 1.2million, 70% are at or below the national poverty line.

In 2011 the government announced that grandmothers would not receive their pensions due to "limited resources".
The amount of the stipend is only US$73 (£45) per three-month period, but the majority of elderly live in chronic poverty and the suspension of the pensions will hinder their ability to purchase food, medicines and care for their grandchildren.

Despite this, King Mswati has increased his annual household budget for 2014 to $61 million.
The King owns a private jet, a fleet of luxury cars and has a fortune estimated at $100 million.

With the highest prevalence of HIV in the world, at 25% ,leaving thousands of orphans and the aforementioned poverty,  it is wholly shameful that at least some of this wealth is not used to alleviate the suffering of the Kings subjects.

Londiwe Ndwandwe